Cerro Mariano Moreno and Southern Patagonian Ice cap expedition

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Crossing Pollone river  in the way to Paso Marconi, Patagonia Taking a brake  before getting on the glacier, Patagonia Glaciar Marconi, main  entrance to the Southern Patagonian Ice cap The Ice cap  itself, solitude and beauty, Argentina Re-arranging sleds and  gear to keep moving towards Mariano Moreno, Patagonia
Heavy sled, expedition  for 10 days Getting ready to  slug!. Now we discovered the snow kites, so next time just with kites! Cerro Fitz Roy  and Torre from Nunatak Witte at the base of Mariano Moreno Lucas, the guide  ready to rob the bank........still 40 km to civilization Marmot tents are  like palaces
Cerro Torre west  face in alpenglow, Patagonia Nick relaxing ,  Patagonia, Andescross.com Early wake up  and attempt to Mariano Moreno, Andescross.com Fitz Roy and  Cerro Torre from Mariano Moreno, Patagonia- Andescross.com Super broken glaciar  in Cerro Mariano Moreno
Heading home after  10 days expedition in the Southern Patagonia Ice cap Heading back home,  this time with less weight- Patagonia Green slopes after  days in between ice, rocks and snow- Andescross.com Freezing morning after  a big wind storm, Southern Patagonian Ice cap Our wall got  melted quicky by the strong Patagonian winds- Andescross.com
Nick communicating with  civilization , miles and miles from home- Good bye Ice  cap Tyrolean crossing after  a long day, Patagonia- Andescross.com uyyyyuuuu, donīt crash-  Andescross.com