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so some more pics to enjoy 

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 Last switch-backs  to                                               the top of Cuernos del Diablo, Northern Patagonia  We skied  Cuernos                                                    del Diablo, Jakob area, Bariloche  The guide  trying                                                     to decide where to drop  Nice chute  in                                     Frey area, Bariloche, Argentina  Central Vecinal  chute,                                            Frey area, Bariloche
 Adam from  WA             shredding Cerro Claussen, Bariloche  Few steps  more                                             to top of Cerro Claussen, Northern Patagonia  Granite spires  of                             Catedral at the back, Bariloche rocks for skiing!  Frey hut  alpenglow                                      after a good day of skiing  Donni skiing  some                                             Patagonian Powder
 Some powder  in                                                                  Cerro Bayo  Kelley from  Seattle                                                 doing some tree skiing in Northern Patagonia  Hey ,                                             words!  Kelley shredding  the                                                                       Andes