Some ski touring in Alaska

April-May 07

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Powell Glacier basecamp,  Chugach range, AK Afternoon-Evening avalanche, Chugach  range, AK Boot packing a  nice chute , 700mts drop, Alaska Erica skinning up  towards Turtle flats, Alaska Turtle flats area,  Chugach range, Alaska
Beauty in the  Chugach, Alaska Trying to gain  one more turn, Alaska Find a good  place to put our skis, Alaska We skied the  right chute, endless 700mts or so, Alaska Check the slab  to the right, Alaska
Kellie in a  6 am skinning before breakfast, Powell Gl , Alaska Of course Kellie,  has feelings and  needs a massage! We got picked  up after 8 days in the powell, the pilot just in another office day, Alaska Tori, from Valdez,  Glaciers above Wittier near Anchorage, AK Portage Glacier, skiing  some nice lines above Wittier, Alaska
Thompson pass, classic  view, Valdez, Alaska Dimond to the  left, Staircase to the right- Basecamp below nice chutes- Alaska Some of the  spectacular easy access chutes of Valdez, Alaska Powder somewhere in  Dimond Mt, Valdez, AK
Powell Glacier, home  for 10 days Powell basecamp. AK